Our Specialties (Electric Vehicles)
Electric Sightseeing Bus
Electric Sightseeing Bus-A Series
Enclosed Sightseeing Bus
Enclosed Sightseeing Bus-A Series

Electric Sightseeing Car-A Luxury1
Electric Sightseeing Bus-A Luxury

Enclosed Sightseeing Car-B Series
Enclosed Sightseeing Bus-B Series

Golf Cart L
Golf Cart-L Series

Golf Cart-LG Series
Golf Cart-LG Series
Electric Patrol Car-S Series
Electric Patrol Car-S Series

Electric Patrol Bus A
Electric Patrol Bus-A Series

Electric Patrol Car V
Electric Patrol Car-V Series

Electric Classic Car Y
Electric Classic Car-Y Series

Electric Cargo Truck H
Electric Cargo Truck-H Series
Electric Tailgate Truck HB
Electric Tailgate Truck- HB Series

Half Ton Cargo Car H
Half Ton Cargo Vehicle-H Series

Electric Fire Vehicle F
Electric Fire Vehicle-F Series

Customized Electric Vehicle T
Customized Electric Vehicle-T Series

we build your ideas in reality

We have done the research, so we know there is a market for it. Qaswa Automobiles’ product realization service turns thoughts into actions. With over 27 years’ experience in vehicles manufacturing and distributing, we are well equipped to offer support to customers throughout the entire product realization journey – ensuring only the highest quality products make it into the hands of our consumers.

Our highly skilled manufacturing and engineering teams take consumers initial concept – helping to create a design, provide business advice, build a prototype, and manufacture the product before distributing it into the market.


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Our Best Projects
Electric Sightseeing Bus - Projects1
Electric Sightseeing Bus
Electric Sightseeing Bus
Electric Sightseeing Bus